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Frequently Asked Questions


What resolution does my image need to be?

The minimum resolution our website will accept is 0.28 Megapixels (Approx. 640 x 480 pixels). Most digital cameras take photos well in excess of this limit and are usually several megapixels. Just make sure you upload the original file taken from the camera (not a compressed copy) and there shouldn't be a problem.

What file formats do you accept?

Our image uploader only accepts jpeg file formats, which is the format most digital cameras save your photo. We can accept any other file format by just emailing it to us along with your order details. Email your image

How do I know what the quality of my canvas will be?

Our automatic detection system suggests the best shape canvas based on your image and only allows you to choose sizes appropriate for your image quality.

Sometimes the preview our canvas builder may show you will look pixelated. Your printed canvas will NOT be pixelated.

Basically, if our website lets you order a certain size then you can be confident the quality will look great.

If I don't have a digital photo, can I make an order from a printed photograph?

If you have printed photograph or something similar, you can order in either two ways. You could either scan the image in at home yourself and upload it on our website as usual. Or you can post us the photo and we will return it along with your order. Please contact us for postal details.

Can you edit my photo before it is printed?

Sometimes your picture just isn't how you want it. We like to be flexible as possible to give our customers the option to get their image just right. Whether you want to turn your photo into an illustration, a pop-art style image, a pencil sketch or other photoshop work such as removing red eye or cutting out an image from the background we're happy to help!

We can do most requests free of charge. Just order your canvas as normal using our canvas builder. After you have added your canvas to the shopping basket, then click 'Customise further' and request anything you like.

We will then upload a new preview of your updated canvas for your approval before you proceed to checkout.

Can I order a canvas with more than one photo on it?

Our canvas builder will only let you upload one image onto each canvas. But we can still create photo collage canvases with as many photos as you want if you just email them to us along with your order details. Email your images to

How long before I will receive my canvas order?

We will make your canvas as soon as you place your order. You can choose to collect it the next working day from our Oswaldtwistle Mills Store. Or it can be posted to arrive with you within 2 working days of you placing your order. Please see our delivery options for more details.

How long will my canvas last for?

Our printers use special pigment inks which provide exceptional UV fade-resistant and water-resistant properties which should last for many decades. Simply clean with a dry or damp clean cloth to keep it looking its best.

What if I am not happy with my canvas when I get it?

In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with your canvas, we promise to either send you a replacement canvas or offer you a full refund. Please contact us for help.

Are there any discounts for business/volume orders?

We offer great deals for customers ordering for business purposes. Our trade members range from individual photographers who wish to order canvases to sell to their clients, all the way to large commercial companies buying for offices or shop premises.

Please see our trade page for more details.