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About Us

  1. Click 'choose file'; and select a jpeg image from your computer then click 'upload'
    • If you have an image in a format other than a jpeg then we can accept any other image format by email. ''; Please include your order details in the email.
    • Once your image is uploaded, our image quality checker will let you know the quality of your image. Our site will not accept low resolution images, so if we allow you to order then you know your image is good enough.
  2. Select a canvas shape.
    • Our automatic detection system will offer you canvas sizes based on your image size and suggest the best shape to choose, but you can choose any shape.
  3. Select a canvas size.
    • You can choose to see our sizes in centimetres or inches.
    • You can always go back and re-select a different shape and size until you are happy.
    • Choose to have your image positioned automatically or manually.
    • The automatic option will allow us to position your image on the canvas in the way we think is best.
    • In manual mode, you can select the zoom by pressing the plus and minus buttons, and choose the position by clicking and dragging the image.
  4. Choose your colour effects.
    • Choose to have your photo in either colour, black and white, or any coloured tint.
  5. Select your bleed and border colour.
    • Choose to have your image wrapped around the edges of the canvas.
    • Or choose an edge colour in white, black or to match your coloured tint.
  6. Return to room view and customise the environment to match your decor.
    • Click 'Return to room view' and then select the wall and floor colour to match your home.
    • Choose a room layout to help put your canvas size in proportion.
    • You can go back and change any of your previous options until you are happy.
  7. Once you are happy, click 'Buy this canvas' to add it to your shopping basket.
  8. For any special requests and photo editing click 'Customise further'
    • Whether you want to turn your photo into an illustration, a pop-art style image, a pencil sketch or other photoshop work such as removing red eye or cutting out an image from the background we're happy to help.
    • We can do most requests free of charge. Simply send us you name and email along with your special instructions and we will then upload a new preview of your updated canvas for your approval.
  9. To order a different canvas, just add each canvas to the shopping basket and then start again with our canvas builder.